During construction, all exposed dirt will be regularly wetted to mitigate dust using a construction best practice. The dust control will continue until all exposed dirt surfaces are vegetated and blowing dust is no longer an issue.

Garnet Mesa Solar will utilize crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic (PV) modules that will be mounted on low-profile horizontal, single-axis trackers. These trackers offer increased energy production compared to fixed-tilt designs by dynamically tracking the sun’s position. The trackers’ movement is designed to be gradual, creating no discernible noise or visual distraction.

An agrivoltaic project is a PV solar energy generation project that simultaneously supports agricultural production. Garnet Mesa Solar is an agrivoltaics project that will produce approximately 200,000 MWh of electricity while also providing grazing land to support approximately 600 head of locally-sourced sheep.

Garnet Mesa Solar is expected to generate $13 million in property taxes over 15 years.

During construction, 350 to 400 local construction jobs are expected. Given the large number of jobs required, we anticipate some workers will be from outside the Delta community. Those workers and non-local project stakeholders will support local businesses providing lodging, food, and entertainment.

During operations, the project is expected to create one to two new, full-time site-management jobs while also supporting sheep-grazing and farm management jobs.

DMEA will purchase energy produced by the Garnet Mesa Solar facility at a competitive price. That price is locked in for the life of DMEA’s power purchase agreement. Purchasing affordable energy is a major factor in DMEA’s ability to continue stabilizing members rates.

Garnet Mesa Solar is an 80 megawatt (MW) solar agrivoltaic generating facility located near Delta, Colorado.