When complete, Garnet Mesa Solar in Delta County, Colorado, will produce enough energy for 18,000 average homes per year, and provide grazing land for approximately 600 sheep!



Garnet Mesa Solar is a proposed 80 megawatt (MW) solar agrivoltaic generating facility located approximately 5 miles east of Delta near the intersection of G Rd and 2100 Rd. Guzman EnergyCitra Power, and DMEA worked together to develop the array and an Alluvial Power-managed company owns and will operate the facility. DMEA will energy produced by Garnet Mesa Solar, directly serving local energy needs for approximately 18,000 average homes in the Uncompahgre Valley.

The facility is sited on 383 acres and will produce approximately 200,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually. The facility will continue to support grazing while it generates solar power. The solar panels will be mounted on low-profile, single-axis trackers, which gradually and quietly follow the sun’s path and provide consistent shade for grazing sheep. The project will also include the planting of more than 500 trees and over 1,000 shrubs.

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As of July 18, 2024...

  • Permitting completed with Delta County.
  • System technical parameters and major equipment suppliers finalized.
  • Purchase orders issued for long-lead equipment and materials.
Design & preconstruction
  • Detailed construction plans for the facility are nearly complete.
  • Site irrigation and sheep grazing plan fully integrated into facility design.
  • Selected Primoris Renewable Energy, a Colorado-based company, as the project’s general contractor.
  • Clear and grade the project site.
  • Build site roads.
  • Install foundations and sun tracking support structures.
  • Install solar modules.
  • Construct high voltage substation and transmission line.
  • Verification that solar trackers are following the sun, the inverters are responding to commands, and the system as a whole is integrated successfully into the utility system. 
  • Move in sheep herd for ongoing grazing.
  • Continue to provide clean, reliable energy to DMEA and other Guzman Energy customers. 

News & Updates

Garnet Mesa solar farm gets green light

Those in favor of bringing a solar energy system to Delta mentioned helping the environment, additional tax revenue for the city, cheaper rates for customers and having a local energy source as reasons to support the proposal.

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Garnet Mesa Solar is an 80 megawatt (MW) solar agrivoltaic generating facility located near Delta, Colorado.